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Bram Offshore case

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Bram Offshore is the largest company specialized in offshore transportation support to the oil and gas industry in Brazil. Acting since 1991, now there are more than 60 highly specialized vessels as their fleet.

In search for a solution to their difficulty in producing performance analysis and management in their accounting department, Bram faced the challenge to automate and streamline the flow of profit and loss information. Until then, the analysis were performed using spreadsheets and complex database queries, slowing down an effective strategic planning.

We identified, along with the Bram management team, the relevant KPI reports for the department. We mapped data sources close to the IT department. We conducted a initial survey, with a deeper understanding of their needs and their workflow, so then we could propose the implementation of a Business Intelligence project.

DTM brought to Bram the QlikView solution, automating the data extraction from various sources. The tool also enabled the creation of interactive graphs and dashboards, resulting in an easy exploration and understanding of information. In addition, the automated generation of these reports, which was previously a manually process, requiring a huge ammount of time and labor, purged the process from errors and increased the visibility of the business as a whole.

Bram Offshore. Dashboard de análise financeira.

Financial analysis dashboard. Easy data exploration and comprehensive view of the events in your accounting department.