DTM - Simplifying Ideas

We transformed how companies buy

Order to add value to the procurement process of its customers, Coobo based his strategy combining consulting and technology. After some disappointing experiences in attempting to develop systems that meet the needs of the market, Coobo invited us to collaborate.

We introduced the power of Cloud Computing to the purchasing department. Categorized, grouped and analyzed spending. We request information, proposals and quotations. Simulated scenarios and selected suppliers. Manage contracts and transform each department in your own buyer. Re-feed the process and gain strategic intelligence.

We create simple and easy to use modules, able to manage, analyze and provide intelligence for all the purchasing of a company.

We transform the user experience. The entire product was developed with the user in focus. The result was a simple and extremely robust system.

Coobo Procurement Solutions

After some disappointing experiences, with the DTM we turn to believe it is feasible to develop systems with partners sustainably, at a fair cost, with quality, minimizing waste, with the continuous improvement of processes, flexibility, respecting deadlines, prepared and competent staff, adding value to the product and delivery consistent with our expectations. I would say that the DTM has a lot of management focused on the concepts of "lean".

Fabiano Coutinho
Cofounder - Coobo

Dashboard of Coobo Procurement Solutions systems ( MDM , Spend Analysis , Project Management , Sourcing , SRM , Contract Management , Procurement , Material Management ) - developed by DTM

Spend Analysis tool: Dashboard Forms of Coobo Procurement Solutions systems - Developed by DTM

Sourcing software: timeline of the stages of project sourcing. Coobo Procurement Solutions system - Developed by DTM

Sourcing: dashboard purchase project. Coobo Procurement Solutions system - Developed by DTM

Sourcing: Screen quote from the supplier in the procurement system of Coobo - Developed by DTM

Sourcing tool: map comparative quotation sent by vendors in Coobo Procurement Solutions system - Developed by DTM